Hi, I’m Caledonia Kelly. You can call me Callie.

I’m an award-winning* author who writes books under different pen names, and you can learn more about my pen names and the books I write below. I’m currently finishing off a degree in Digital Marketing and Event Management, and I live in Scotland.

I’m vegetarian, moving towards veganism, and transgender. I’m very left-wing, and my politics are obvious in most of my writing, but especially in my satires.

I love learning new things, and one of my biggest hobbies is research. For fun, I like to read about marketing, especially combined with other areas, like marketing ethics, or the recent work on the neurological effects of marketing, or the sociolinguistics of narrative marketing. I also love linguistics, and have made several conlangs, and I read lots of popular science and any peer-reviewed un-transphobic transgender research.

Fiction-wise, I like prose superheroes and military space opera, though I do read a lot of other things. I prefer female main characters and past tense books when I read.

I blog about writing, comedy, and being transgender. Sometimes I share my poetry on my blog, but those are very rough and kinda shit. I’ve wrote pretty much my entire life, and I’ve learned a lot about writing fiction. Storytelling in any format is a passion of mine. A lot of the fiction I write is in some form of comedy, and as such I love to read about comedy, watch comedians, and deconstruct what works and why. I recently started amateur stand-up at open mic nights. It’s so terrifying it makes me ill and I love it.

I’m neurodivergent, and physically disabled.

And I have two cats.


Jinx looks splendid in her bow-tie
Adora doesn’t need clothes to look splendid
Blue is not a cat.
Blossom and Bubbles are saying hello.

Caledonia Fife

Fife was my grandmother’s maiden name, which is why I decided to use it when creating this penname.

Caledonia Fife’s novels satirise modern Britain, and the lives of trans people in what has become known as Terf Island. Amongst many other topics, you can expect these books to touch upon gender politics, sexuality and relationships, portrayals of trans people in the press, trans healthcare, and gender critical conspiracy theories. They will often contain transphobia, because it is hard to ridicule something without explaining what it is.

Store – coming soon

As well as books, there are other options to buy merch with characters, book art, and quotes on it.


* most spectacular fall, Denny High School Ski-ing class, 1999.

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