I believe writing, especially satirical writing, can be a form of activism.

A lot of the activism I’m involved in is very local level.

At university, I was the transgender and non-binary students community rep in my 3rd year, and helped work on university policies regarding trans students. I organised a cross-university trans and non-binary student swimming session, helped update my university’s name change policy, and arranged for free period products to be available in male toilets. In my 4th year, I am the Disabled student’s community rep, my class’s rep, and a student member of the university senate.

I am an active member of a political party, and sign petitions regularly. I write to my MPs about issues that concern me, and follow politics closely when I can.

I’ve been involved in several marches and gatherings, for Black Lives Matter, against Spiking, for Scottish independence, and have been involved in 16 Days of Activism.

I am looking for ways to do more, and will be blogging about my activism, and activism in general, here.

Issues of concern to me are:

Trans rights

LGBT rights



Scottish Independence

Climate Change

And possibly more…