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I am Sadness In My Soul

We Didn’t Start The Fire

Satans Girl by the Birth Control Babes ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ (tune, Candyman, Christina Aguilera)

Not Making A Scene

At Least We Tried

Observations From A Public Place

Random Silliness

Canned Laughter

Transgender Content

Q: Are trans women “biologically male” and trans men “biologically female”? A: No.

The Sea is Full of Plastic (an analogy for why I have hope for the future of trans rights)

The Truth About Truscum (CW: Transphobia)

Crossdressers Are Not Trans (unless they are, obviously)

On Trans Biology, Gatekeeping, and Not Being Truscum

The Going Shopping Series

Going Shopping for Clothes for the First Time as a Trans Woman (Part One, Before You Go)

It’s My Life (it’s now or… no, it’s now)

Looking for Potential Sensitivity Readers

Writing Craft

Confidence for Authors: How To Believe In Yourself & Your Fiction

Ways to Stop Using Ableist Language In Fiction

Universal Human Knowledge (Why Write What You Know is Often The Worst Advice Ever)

An authors guide to not being a bam

How To Make A Language (the Non-conlangers Guide)

What to look for in a CP

Fiction isn’t fictional (well, it is, but I really like this title, okay?)

The 5 Types of Sub-plot,

Originality – how do I get an original idea when all the story ideas have been written before?

Anachronistic Words in Fantasy

We Should Talk About STDs (also, adding humour to non-comedy fiction)

The Diversity Series

Diversity 1 – Why We Need Diverse Stories

Diversity 2 – Beyond the Bechdel Test, Part One: The Gamble Has Already Paid Off

Diversity 3 – Beyond the Bechdel Test, Part Two: The Gender Re-assignment Test

Diversity 4 – Replies To The Most Common Complaints About Gay Characters I’ve Seen

Diversity 5: Disability, Mad Max, and Why Furiosa’s Missing Arm Was A Bad, Bad Thing

Diversity 6: How To Write A Gay Character

Diversity 7: Slowly Revealing A More Diverse World

The Story Architecture Series

What is Story Architecture?

Comedy Craft

On The Importance of Bodily Moisture (or why we need comedy)

The Right Can’t Meme (and this is why)

Satire: The Why and The What

Satire: The How

Satire: How Two

Satire: How How How

Satire: The Wham

Satire: Some Reading Suggestions

10 different types of comedy you might want to try, and where to find them

Fiction Observations

Diversity – Is Captain Marvel a Feminist Movie? Let’s See:

Thoughts on the Sword of Truth Series

10 Fantastic Conlangs in Fiction

5 Characters That Need A Good Slap (or a stern talking to)

Female MCs and Spaceship Battles

“Likeable Female Characters”

Diversity – 10 Spec Fic Books With Disabled Protagonists

Uncategorised Ranting

Addressing Sexism in Casting Calls

Bringing Me To Life (the benefits of the internet)

WIP Research

The Time Travel Blog Post Part One

The Time Travel Blog Post Part Two

The Time Travel Blog Post Part Three

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