The Trans Joy Interviews

52 Interviews

10 questions

2 sections

5 questions on being trans

5 on things we love (cos we’re more than our genitals)


Every Wednesday in 2023 I intend to publish an interview with a trans person right here on this site. Trans men, trans women, non binary people, intersex people, agender people, anyone not cis basically.

Every interview will have the same 10 questions, 2 sections. 5 questions on being trans, 5 just on things you love (cos we’re more than our genitals) I won’t edit the answers, but these are about joy, so nothing too grim and everything SFW (I won’t edit, I might redact).

These aren’t “famous” trans people interviews, there’s no minimum amount of social media followers required, they’re for everyone and about everyone. Hopefully I might get some big trans accounts, because that will add to their visibility. But I’m not looking for that, I’m looking for normal, every day trans people with normal, every day lives.

Okay, but why?

I see a lot of newly broken eggs on twitter and reddit scared to be themselves. The unrelenting media doom and gloom can really take its toll, and just stepping outside for the first time is a terrifying experience that builds up in our heads to be this huge step we need to overcome instead of simply… going outside.

By focusing these interviews on normal trans people living every day lives and being happy, I want to show everyone that all we really want is to be happy and to show new trans people that happiness is a possibility for them, too.

Well, why ask the same 10 questions?

Generally, interviewing a person has the purpose of getting to know them, digging deep, and asking new questions about the answers they shared. Here, the purpose is showing that lots of trans people are happy. That you can be trans and happy. And the best way to do that was by asking lots and lots of people the same questions and sharing the answers.

Okay, I’m interested. Where are these interviews?

They’re coming in 2023 and they’ll be right here on my blog. They’ll be posted every Wednesday. The first interview is me, the second is my friend Anthony, a trans man who studies events and loves drag shows.

Look out for them, read them, and I hope they inspire you.

Or find me on Linktree and message me if you want to take part. I’m still working on this site a bit, so currently there isn’t a site email to give out. Social media is probably the best way to get in touch currently.

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