The Truth About Truscum (CW: Transphobia)

The Truescum subreddit is an interesting place. It has this nice little definition of truescum over there.

Going by this, I could easily see myself as a transmedicalist – I believe non-binary people exist (but this says some truescum believe that), I believe in gender euphoria (but this says some truescum believe that) “plenty of us simply count euphoria and incongruence as part of dysphoria” – yeah, I can kinda get on board with this – maybe it’s not part of dysphoria but certainly dysphoria, euphoria, and incongruence all seem to be parts of the same thing. Some of what is in that definition definitely appeals to me.

However, there’s one glaring problem with the definition above:

It’s A Load Of Crap

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

Maya Angelou

The Truescum subreddit makes all these great claims, but if you look through the actual posts on the sub, you see none of the claims are held up and they’re all hateful little bigots.

 I’m fine with not having enforced gender roles or stereotypes but no gender at all makes no sense.

Truscum Redditor

Neopronouns were made to combat tucute’s lack of oppression

Different Truscum Redditor

I’m a bigger asshole when I see the most feminine looking people claiming they are trans and that some stupid filter is giving them euphoria? I’m singling out these kind of people only cause it’s what I see most. You won’t know what it feels like to be transgender or will you know what gender dysphoria feels like if you just slap whatever pronouns look good to you and call it a day. You aren’t a male just because you say you are. You aren’t non-binary either just because you don’t want to be called a girl.

Yet Another Truscum Redditor

The most glaring problem with these (other than the transphobia) is that none of the sub’s mods ever speak out against them, and none of the other redditors do either. They’re saying they’ve got a bad rep but they’re not actually that bad, and at the same time, they are showing us they are the hateful little bigots everyone thinks they are.

People may doubt what you say but they will believe what you do

Lewis Cass

I believe what the Truscum do.

I believe it’s bigotry.

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