Trans Joy Interview #2 -11th January 2023: Anthony

What’s your name and, if you chose it, why this name? Also, please share your pronouns?
My name is Anthony, my pronouns are he/him, when I came out I thru 3 different names, I think. I can’t remember them, but when I went to change my name legally, that’s when the name Anthony just came to me. Later on we discovered that I actually had an imaginary friend called “Anthony.” Crazy, right?

If you’re out, what was the best part of coming out? If not, what are you most looking
forward to about being out ?

I’ve been out for 10 years. Best part of coming out was being able to be my true self, live life exactly the way I was meant to live it.

Do you have a funny anecdote about being trans? What is it?

I think possibly being drunk at a party and pulling out my packer and shouting that I can do the windmill, I find that pretty funny looking back on it.

What has been the best thing about transitioning or what is the best thing about being

The best thing about transitioning is genuinely just being able to be me and to be free, but also finding out that “family” isn’t always family, and that I can choose mine.

You’ve time travelled into your own past and found a very sad younger version of yourself. What three things can you tell young you that there is to look forward to?

3 things to look forward too. “First thing is don’t worry everything is going to be okay, you’ll go through some hard times but you’ll get there. Secondly, show how smart you really are, stop masking it to fit in and thirdly you’re going turn into one very hairy man.”

What would be your ideal way to spend a day?

Wake up at a good time in the morning, spend the day with my gran then I would go home. Spend time with my baby (my cat, Biscuit) then later at night go out to a drag show, enjoy the show then go home and go to bed.

Family are the people who love us – by blood or otherwise. Tell me about someone really important to you (as anonymously as you like, ie you can say my friend Helen or just my friend) and what’s great about them

I have a handful of people would be mad if I didn’t mention them, but they know how grateful I am to each and everyone of them, but the most important person to me is between 2 people. My Adoptive Mother (Roz aka Granny Spencer) and my alphabet maw (Donna Stewart)
they both mean the absolute world to me, my gran (adoptive mother) brought me up since I was 1 and a half years old, legally adopted me when I turned 16 and has been with me every step of the way. And Donna took me under her wing as a friend then rapidly became like a second mother to me, she’s my best friend and I’m always going to be grateful to her, she might live 65 miles away but that woman has shown me things in love that has changed me forever. I love both these woman and would do anything for them.

Pets, or favourite animal if you don’t have pets. You can include a pic.

I have 1 cat, she’s called biscuit, short for digestive biscuit, she’s my child and no one can
tell me any different.

What’s your passion? Hobby? Favourite music, book, food, your team, your job, anything, what do you really, really love to do?

I have a few hobbies, I go to drag shows, meeting drag queens/kings/theys, I make TikTok videos, i have a weird thing about collecting foreign money, note money though not coins. I study: at the moment I’m doing events management, hopefully going to go into uni soon!

What have I not asked that you’d really like to talk about?
I would like to say to all my trans brothers sisters and siblings, be safe, be you, and dream big, everything is achievable even if your on your own or got a big group of support around you.

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