Trans Joy Interview #5 – 1st February 2023: Elliot

Part One: Trans Joy

What’s your name and why is it important to you, why did you chose it? Also, your pronouns?

I (they/them) chose Elliot because it’s a pretty name I saw in the hidden lyrics of a song by one of my favorite bands. I originally wanted Kenneth but a friend of mine came out with that name before I worked up the courage and I didn’t want to steal it.

If you’re out, what was coming out like? If not, what are you most looking forward to about being out?

I guess I’m out! I just be myself and hope the people around me get the message. I like the freedom.

Do you have a funny anecdote about being trans? What is it?

Not sure if it’s funny, but before I was more comfortably out, I joined my community college D&D club and when they asked for my name I said uhh didn’t think I’d get that far and waited until everyone introduced themselves before deciding to tell them a name. The dungeon master later said she and her boyfriend clocked me as fruity the second I walked in LOL.

What has been the best thing about transitioning or what is the best thing about being trans?

There’s a certain… Anarchy? in it that feels liberating and borderline spiritual. Being myself, dressing as I desire, taking hrt, taking the name I have and all, rejecting the binary and labels and worrying about me, it’s good. It feels good.

You’ve time travelled into your own past and found a very sad younger version of yourself. What three things can you tell young you that there is to look forward to?

I would tell that weird kid that there’s nothing wrong with them, they’ll find a day where they can be comfortable and find others just like them, and that they’ll have so much more control over their lives soon.

Part Two: We’re not just our genitals, so here’s some non-trans joy

What would be your ideal way to spend a day?

Ideal day is a picnic with my closest friends in a natural space (park, beach, mountain) enjoying each other.

Family are the people who love us – by blood or otherwise. Tell me about someone really important to you (as anonymous as you like) and what’s great about them.

My best friend and ex-girlfriend is the most important person to me. We get each other and compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I swear we were meant to know each other.

Pets, or favourite animal?

I have an old black lab named Lexi that lives with my mom and grandpa while I’m at uni, and a brown tabby named Meatloaf that lives with my bff/ex.

What’s your passion? Hobby? Favourite music, book, food, your team, your job, anything, what do you really, really love?

I love video games (Red Dead, Disco Elysium, VTMB), music (mewithoutYou, Crywank, AJJ), and reading (A Song of Ice and Fire, Watership Down, Six of Crows). I’m a digital painter and I’m majoring in archaeology presently. I love learning and making and knowing!!!

What have I not asked that you’d really like to talk about?

I want all people like me, young and old, to know that there’s always a place for you somewhere. There’s a community that will accept you. You’ll find a friend that truly sees you. There are places where you can be fully and unapologetically you. I wish you safe travels as you find it.


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