Writing Craft

Confidence for Authors: How To Believe In Yourself & Your Fiction

Ways to Stop Using Ableist Language In Fiction

Universal Human Knowledge (Why Write What You Know is Often The Worst Advice Ever)

An authors guide to not being a bam

How To Make A Language (the Non-conlangers Guide)

What to look for in a CP

Fiction isn’t fictional (well, it is, but I really like this title, okay?)

The 5 Types of Sub-plot

Originality – how do I get an original idea when all the story ideas have been written before?

Anachronistic Words in Fantasy

We Should Talk About STDs (also, adding humour to non-comedy fiction)

The Diversity Series

Diversity 1 – Why We Need Diverse Stories

Diversity 2 – Beyond the Bechdel Test, Part One: The Gamble Has Already Paid Off

Diversity 3 – Beyond the Bechdel Test, Part Two: The Gender Re-assignment Test

Diversity 4 – Replies To The Most Common Complaints About Gay Characters I’ve Seen

Diversity 5: Disability, Mad Max, and Why Furiosa’s Missing Arm Was A Bad, Bad Thing

Diversity 6: How To Write A Gay Character

Diversity 7: Slowly Revealing A More Diverse World

The Story Architecture Series

What is Story Architecture?