Trans Joy Interview #3 – 18th January 2023: Meg

Part One: Trans Joy

What’s your name and why is it important to you, why did you chose it? Also, your pronouns?

Meg or Megan if I’m in trouble! I use She/Her as pronouns. I went through a few names but in the end I just picked a popular name in Ireland as of my birth year, my Mum was adament it should have some Gaelic connection as my family are all Irish, we always had a good laugh, she would call me a traitor as Meg is more of a Welsh Gaelic name.

If you’re out, what was coming out like? If not, what are you most looking forward to about being out?

Oh wow, it’s been a while! I came out to family like 2005 / 2006. I think my favourite part immediately after coming out was just the relief that I wasn’t constantly living with this fear someone would find me out, find some makeup or clothes I had hidden away in my room. Also I love having long hair so growing that was pretty cool.

Do you have a funny anecdote about being trans? What is it?

Yeh quite a few over the years, my favorite is probably the time I had to do a pregnancy test before I had my gallbladder out, they really were convinced I might be pregnant and not know it! I even explained I’m trans but they just seemed to think I was transitioning Female to Male instead. As luck would have it I was not pregnant, who would have guessed!

What has been the best thing about transitioning or what is the best thing about being trans?

Being me… I get to just be myself, no pretending to be a boy or any of that, no second guessing myself “is this what a boy would do? say? wear?”, trying to avoid being called names or being picked on for being girly, oh and of course those little glances in a shop window or a mirror when I just get to smile and think “I made it! I’m a girl!”, it still surprises me from time to time.

You’ve time travelled into your own past and found a very sad younger version of yourself. What three things can you tell young you that there is to look forward to?

Interesting! I actually think about this alot, any time I’m having a tough time I find myself thinking “OMG Meg, can you imagine telling yourself aged 15 what your life is like now? The smile it’d put on your face!”, it helps me put life in perspective. So I think I’d just say that, tell young me that life gets better and we’re gonna make it. I guess I’d also tell myself it’s ok to allow myself to be cute, for the longest time I felt really silly being cute and now I’ve just embraced it, oh I’d also tell myself to invest in Apple stock 🙂

Part Two: We’re not just our genitals, so here’s some non-trans joy

What would be your ideal way to spend a day?

Ideally with someone special, going for a little walk to a cafe, getting brunch, hanging out, just enjoying each others company and maybe watching a film under a duvet. Either that or I kinda embrace both ends of the introvert/extrovert spectrum so it could easily be something completely crazy too! If I’m allowed to say a holiday, I’d love to see the Aurora Borealis with someone, I think that’d be so romantic.

Family are the people who love us – by blood or otherwise. Tell me about someone really important to you (as anonymous as you like) and what’s great about them.

My sister, she’s so special and means the world to me, I come from a big family but I’m not in contact with many of them any more sadly. When I first transitioned I was really scared and I didn’t leave my room for about 3 months, she came and took me to her house where we went out and spent a long weekend together as sister and sister for the first time, it really gave me the confidence to leave my room and be me.

Pets, or favourite animal?

I’ve got one pet, a tortie cat called Boo, I’ve had her since she was a kitten, shes nearly 13 now, she’s super antisocial and only really comes near me when she wants food or when she wants to sleep on me. I love Boo to bits but oddly I’m much more of a dog person, I used to have 2 German Shepards when I lived back at home with my parents.

What’s your passion? Hobby? Favourite music, book, food, your team, your job, anything, what do you really, really love?

I guess if I said anything here other than gaming I’d be lying to myself, I love loads of things but gaming has always been in my life and I think always will be. It’s such a social thing for me and one surprise of my transition was that I became a proper little social butterfly! I gaming with about 3 different groups of people in different things and have met some of the best friends in my life gaming, one of the closest travelled up to see me last weekend infact!

What have I not asked that you’d really like to talk about?

Hmm, toughie… I guess I’d just say Trans Rights are Human Rights! It’s sad we have to repeat it so often but some people seem to need reminding. And of course if you have the spare cash, donate to a charity like Gendered Intelligence or Mermaids.


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