Trans Joy Interview #6 -8th February 2023: Alice

What’s your name and, if you chose it, why this name? Also, please share your pronouns?

Alice Jade Mitchell (she/her) Alice – a name that came to me in a flash of inspiration several years before my egg cracked when I wanted a pseudonym to talk about my past cross dressing. Also a little bit of Alice in wonderland, quite a bit of Alice by Sisters of Mercy, and various other Alice names. Jade from the badass goth character from the teen drama Victorious, I guess I was just super envious of her style and confidence.

If you’re out, what was the best part of coming out? If not, what are you most looking
forward to about being out ?

Been completely out and full-time for almost 4 years now, best part of coming out was I didn’t have to hide or feel ashamed for the way I wanted to present myself to the world any more, I could fully express my femininity.

Do you have a funny anecdote about being trans? What is it?

Perhaps it is when I launched into my rehearsed speech to come out to my family my mother interupted the first sentence to say “I know, I guessed when you were 18.” Like sure thanks mum, you could have told me 3 decades earlier!

What has been the best thing about transitioning or what is the best thing about being

The camaraderie and friendship of other women when you are no longer seen as a potential predator or threat, just the wonderful warm acceptance and support you receive has to have been one of the best and most unexpected thing.

You’ve time travelled into your own past and found a very sad younger version of yourself. What three things can you tell young you that there is to look forward to?

No this isn’t just a fetish, Yes you are trans enough to transition, No you wont be an ugly girl.

And now for some non-trans specific joy.

What would be your ideal way to spend a day?

My favourite thing in the world is spending the day with my close friends, having a girly day of shopping, eatting out and gossiping over coffee whilst watching the world go by.

Family are the people who love us – by blood or otherwise. Tell me about someone really important to you (as anonymously as you like, ie you can say my friend Helen or just my friend) and what’s great about them.

My real family have been hugely supportive, so have all my friends, both new and old, I am blessed to have so many wonderful caring people around me.

Pets, or favourite animal if you don’t have pets. You can include a pic.

My sadly departed cat Eddie, he was the adventurous outgoing tom cat to the rest of the world, and the loving furball to me, every night he would come in and call for me before jumping on my lap for cuddles. I miss him dearly.

What’s your passion? Hobby? Favourite music, book, food, your team, your job, anything, what do you really, really love to do?

I love music, i watch so many films and tv series, I read so much about science and technology and loved reading space opera genre fiction, plus when i have the time i enjoy crafting and making, wether thats crafting jewellery from wire, gemstones or chainmail, making my own xmas cards, or designing and 3d printing objects for around the house. to the point i founded and still run a maker space in my city several years ago.

What have I not asked that you’d really like to talk about?

Whilst transition is wonderful in so many ways, it has massively improved my life and brought joy and happiness where previously there was none, it is also hard work, there has been so much time, effort and money gone into everything from learning about style and fashion, nails, hair, hormones, and the other finer points of classic femininity that intrigued yet eluded me for so long, but also the pain and stress of hair removal and surgeries, It is a tough road, but a very rewarding one.

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